“Early Bird” 2018 Registration

Take advantage of our rebates and payments by installment * on our “Sail All Summer” program, $500 for the season! This offer is only valid until December 31st; so don’t wait and register now!

Afterwards, the price will be:

  • $550 from January 1st to our Spring Information Session (date to be determined)
  • $600 full rate afterwards


Here is the link to the registration form for 2018:  Registration Form

Don’t wait, register now!

*Members that register before December 31st on our “Sail All Summer” program can pay in two installments, either by cheque, pre-authorised credit card or post-dated cheque. Here are the details on installment payments:

  1. 50% of the rebated rate; ie, $250 + $25 for basic membership = $275 before December 31, 2017
  2. 50% of the balance of the rebated rate; ie, $250 postdated to April 30, 2018


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